Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Narendra Modhi - The ever growing personality

We Indians for sure know what Modi has done to Gujrat.. A vibrant Gujrat in today's not so vibrant India...

He became prominent during the Godhra issue for various reasons and from there on there is no turning back. He has captured the headlines of dailies across pan IND. He is an icon in FB, Twitter or any social media. A name that is chanted everywhere tells that, you are either with him or against, but certainly this man cannot be ignored.

I just read the news on US thinking of rejecting visa to Modhi, phew, they certainly know what they are playing.

In a public appeal to the Obama administration, a group of powerful US lawmakers has asked it not to change the "good policy" of denying visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi under any circumstances in view of serious allegations of "crime against humanity" against him.

They argue, "We have to stand for the accountability, when it comes to the violation of human rights. And in this case, we have to stand up and deny Mr Modi a visa (to the US)"

Look who is talking about human rights, What US has done in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and in many other covert operation which is not known in public, US cannot deny this and has no right to call itself a self-deemed human rights observer.

"Tell this administration that Mr Modi, who failed his responsibility and test of leadership in India, should not be afforded an opportunity to gain a higher station of leadership" in that country, until this issue is dealt with.

The whole world know the intent of US nosing in other countries affairs. To control the whole world and maintain itself as a rich daddy’s quo, uncle Sam will deal thing in his way.

Between all these, UK doesn't want to be left behind by the vibrant Gujrat and smartly greets Modhi to its kingdom.

UK accepts, US rejects <=> Mommy Vs Daddy games.

With all these, one thing is clear, Modi is not only on national politics radar, but on international as well.

Note: This is just my personal opinion and has no further relevance.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Talaash is so dipressing..

After a really long time I went for a movie. I chose it to be Talaash, with all its buzz..

My first reaction was WTF, I guess you would have uttered it too :)
Once out of the movie debate started with my friends, what a dipressing movie.. Kahani was way better..

What I really felt about this movie after a nap is, the story is kind of gripping but editing could have been better. There are tons of dipressing/distracting sequences, which gets repeated and could have come under axe.

Happy weekend fellas :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lotus Notes Application Browser Plugin

IBM has come up with a Plugin - Lotus Notes Application Browser Plugin..

The main purpose of this plugin is to accees notes applications via Web browser like IE or FireFox.

Once you install this plugin, the browser can access Notes applications directly using notes URL notes:///

This plugin has nothing to do with Server side setting and need not have Lotus Notes Client to be installed on the machine as well.. Its looks like a lighter version of Lotus Notes Client, where in the plugin calls some of the Notes task in background while users access notes application on IE or FireFox, the way they were accessing previously via Client.

Find more on this in

Domino Console on the go from Lotus Client

While browsing across, I could find a cool old technique of quickly accessing Domino Console from Lotus Client.
Go to Preferences--> Toolbar--> Customize and add a new button with below command in its formula